Our Veterans Deserve Better

By July 19, 2017Statements

Like you, I was devastated to hear this week about the deplorable care and worsening conditions provided to our veterans at the VA Hospital, right here in Manchester, New Hampshire.

These reports and Carol Shea-Porter’s continued lack of action show her complete lack of regard for our nation’s veterans.  Despite Shea-Porter’s TV ads and internet videos pledging to help them, in fact, she has done nothing but hang out with her “Progressive Caucus” in Washington DC.  Clearly, she has been asleep at the wheel on this matter for far too long as we have all heard the horror stories about what is happening at the VA for years, yet we have seen no measurable engagement from the current Congresswoman.

Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration and his biggest allies – like liberal progressive Carol Shea-Porter – refused to work to fix the broken system.  The Democrat Party in Congress has blatantly failed to lead on this issue and now it is up to Republicans.  We will fix it.  As you may know, the Trump Administration has already fired 525 non performing VA workers, including the heads of the Manchester VA.  While more work is yet to be done, Republicans are taking steps to better the VA for all veterans.

It is time for New Hampshire to have better representation in DC.  Those who served our nation deserve to know that their country is there to support them. As your Congressman, I will fight to ensure our New Hampshire veterans are respected and get the services and healthcare they deserve.

In the NH Senate, I have a proven record of standing for our veterans, and will make this a top priority as your Representative in our nation’s capitol.

All the best,

Andy Sanborn
Candidate for Congress