Sanborn Releases 30 New Endorsements

By June 7, 2018Uncategorized

Manchester, NH – Today, State Senator Andy Sanborn released thirty new endorsements for his campaign for US Congress in NH’s first congressional district. The full list of endorsements can be viewed here. Sanborn issued the following statement:

“The support for our campaign continues to grow with residents throughout New Hampshire. This only further demonstrates that the first congressional district is calling for a proven conservative like me to represent them in Washington.  For too long, the silent majority has been ignored and disregarded by both political parties and their elected officials. I promise them that when I am elected to represent them in Washington that I will fight for them and their personal liberties and protect their pocketbooks from the lobbyists and special interests.

“As we get closer to the primary election, I know that our grassroots army will only continue to grow and usurp our competition and prove that the message of individual liberty and freedom will prevail. I want to say thank you to all of our endorsers and activists for their strong, resilient support.  They know that talk is cheap and when the heat is on they know that I am the only candidate who can win this race and hold the seat and will stand on the same value set and principles that I have run on since first launching my campaign nearly a year ago.

—Newly added endorsements can be viewed below:

First Last Title
Henry Ahern Veteran, Farmer, Business Owner
David Arseneau
Ryan Bernier Inside Sales / Blogger -Young Americans for Liberty
Ron Bettencourt
Nan Bettencourt
Bruce Boyer
Steven Carbone President/Atomic Fireworks Inc.
Cheryl Cataldo Wife of Sam Cataldo
Billy Cuccio Restaurant Owner
Laura Fitzgerald Business Owner, Veteran
Lisa Gravel Conservative Activist
Kim King
Frank Kotowski State Rep, Chairman of HHS&EA Policy
Becki Kuhns
Dave Kuhns IT Security Professional
June Marshall
Dick Marston Former State Representative
Greg McCann Activists
Jayme MCCann Activists
Patrick McDougall Salem GOP
Richmond Nunn Retired Military
Ken Patey Constitutional Conservative
Joe Pitre State Rep
David Recupero Former Town Moderator
Dan Russell
Dale Sanford
Paul Schlie
Bo Szanto
Michael Thornton
David Werner Former Civil Attorney