Last week, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un announced that North Korea will be ending its nuclear programs.  Shortly following this announcement, Kim met with South Korean president Moon Jae-in to sign a formal document, effectively ending the 65-year conflict between the North and the South.  Moon credited President Trump with contributing in a big way to the “huge” meeting between the two states.

The great news here is that diplomacy worked.  One of the differences between myself and my opponents is they seem all too eager to send troops into foreign places and start wars.  President Trump’s use of diplomacy through strength is what should always be applied first.  And as you know, I believe only Congress has the ability to declare war.

Yet here we are.  We have a mainstream media that has yet to give proper credit to the Trump administration, and we have Democrats that refuse to acknowledge the truly exciting and historic reality that has just occurred.  The President has done what no other President has been able to do: bring some sort of stability and calm to the Korean Peninsula.  He has performed a truly amazing feat and he deserves a great deal of credit.  As always, I believe we should use some cautious optimism here and as Ronald Reagan said “trust but verify.”

As your Congressman, I will stand up to the bullying media and the fall-in-line Democrats when the United States makes history such as this.  The leadership in Washington has become more focused on false narratives and quick “gotcha” clips to the point that it cannot even focus on what is truly important: peace in this world.  As your Congressman, I will advocate for peace and I will advocate for you. Enough is enough.


Always working for you,


Andy Sanborn