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Guida and Gannon Endorse Sanborn

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State Senators Bill Gannon, Bob Guida Endorse Andy Sanborn for Congress


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MANCHESTER, NH–Today, State Senators Bill Gannon (District 23) and Bob Guida (District 2) announced their endorsements of Andy Sanborn in the 1st District congressional race.


“Andy has always been a reliable conservative vote in the State Senate, and has always fought for the interests of his constituents above all else. There’s no doubt in my mind that he will do the same in Washington,” said Sen. Gannon. “We live in an era where many Republicans no longer act like Republicans. They say one thing on the campaign trail then do something entirely different once elected. We need more conservatives like Andy in Congress that we can rely on to keep their campaign promises. I am happy to give him my full support and endorsement, and look forward to finally returning a real conservative to Congress in November.”


In his endorsement, Sen. Guida said, “I’m endorsing Republican Andy Sanborn for CD-1. Not a single challenge has been leveled against his 8-year voting record on thousands of bills and amendments important to the people, businesses and institutions of New Hampshire. And that’s what matters here. Neither candidate is without blemish. But only one has been in the legislative arena, and held fast to the things Republicans believe. At the end of the day, performance matters. Andy Sanborn deserves your vote.”


“I am proud to have Sen. Gannon’s and Sen. Guida’s support in my race. As colleagues in the State Senate, I could always rely on them to join me in doing what was right for New Hampshire, and I am honored that they have recognized that I am the proven conservative choice in this election,” said Sanborn. “Both of them understand that I went to Concord for one reason and one reason only: to fight for the conservative values that my constituents mandated me to represent. I never considered how my votes would affect the agendas of my fellow senators. I fought solely on behalf of my constituents, which may not have been politically popular, but was undoubtedly what the voters elected me to do. I am happy to see that there are still elected officials out there like Sen. Gannon and Sen. Guida who recognize this, and you can count on me to perform the exact same way in Washington.”


Sen. Gannon’s and Sen. Guida’s endorsements of Andy Sanborn come on the heels of an endorsement by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and a state visit from U.S. Senator Rand Paul to support Sanborn’s campaign. Gannon and Guida are joined by former state senators Jim Forsythe, John Gallus, Mark Hounsell, and Sam Cataldo, as well as current state senator, Harold French.


With only two days left until the Republican primary election, Andy Sanborn has established himself as the only proven conservative in the race who can be trusted to fight for New Hampshire in Congress.