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Carol Shea-Porter Votes Against NH Veterans

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Carol Shea-Porter Votes Against NH Veterans

Shea-Porter should be ashamed of her disgraceful vote against VA Choice

State Senator Andy Sanborn (R-Bedford), candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District issued the following statement regarding Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s recent vote to block funding for the VA Choice program:

“Once again Congresswoman Shea-Porter shows her disdain for New Hampshire’s veterans as yesterday she took part in blatant partisanship and denied NH veterans funding to seek medical care outside of the broken system that is our VA. By voting yesterday to deny veterans alternatives to the government run system, Shea-Porter forces New Hampshire’s heroes to use a facility that has been found to have flies and just last week had bursting water pipes.

“Simply put, she should be ashamed that she put her extreme liberal big government politics ahead of the best interests of our veterans and New Hampshire deserves better. In contrast, I will fight everyday for the warriors who defend all we believe in and I will work tirelessly until our failed VA system is fixed, so veterans can receive the world class healthcare they deserve.”




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